Joomla Installation

How to create a website free of cost

Get Joomla website up and running in less than 2 hours from Home PC

Joomla (TM) is among the most popular Open Source content management systems that exist today, in the company of Drupal and WordPress. If you just need to build a web site for yourself and are unfamiliar with all this HTML stuff, or you develop web sites for other people, or if you’re at the pointy end of developing web-based applications, then Joomla really should be on your evaluation list. It’s easy to install, use, and extend.

See below Installation tab for step by step building up your website on Windows platform and you should have one in less than 30 minutes.

The software we will be using for installation are as follows:

1. PHP

2. Abyss Webserver XI

3. MySql

4. Joomla 2.5

Refer below tabs for installing as per the above sequence.


PHP Installation

Step by Step Installation:

  1. Download Latest version of PHP from Website “
  2. Create folder “C:\php” and place the extracted php file in the folder. See Below screenshot:

c php

c php2

 3. Create folder “c:\php\ext”.

 4. Create folder “c:\TEMP”.

 5. Open the php.ini file with notepad and modify the php.ini file as below:

  •  Copy php.ini-production file and paste in the folder “c:\php” and rename as php.ini.
  •  Delete semicolon from “include_path = ".;c:\php\includes"” as below:


  • Add the file path "C:\Abyss Web Server\htdocs" as doc_root as below:


  • Update output_buffering = 4096 to output_buffering = Off.
  • Add the file path "C:\php\ext"as extension_dir as below:


  • Delete semicolon at the beginning of “extension=php_gd2.dll”, “extension=php_mbstring.dll” and “extension=php_mysql.dll” as below:


  • Modify session.save_path as session.save_path = "C:\TEMP", refer below:


  • Modify "display_errors = On" to "display_errors = Off".
  • Save the file and close.

 6. Update system variable.

  •  Go to Start >  Settings > Control Panel  > System
  • Click on Advanced tab.
  • Scroll down the System variables list and click on “Path” followed by the “Edit” button.
  • Enter “;C:\php” to the end of the Variable value line.(Note semicolon). Refer below:


  • Click OK on all the screens and come out.
  • Restart the Windows machine.


Hurray we have just completed the php installation on our system!!

Abyss Webserver Installation

Abyss Web server Installation

1. Download the software from website "" as below:


2. Unzip the software file and click on exe file as below:


3. Read the License terms and click on “I Agree” to proceed further as below:


4. Click on Next as below:


5. Click on Browse and choose destination folder:


6. Click on Install


7. After the set up has finished click on “Yes” as below:


8. Clicking on “Yes” will bring up console page in the default browser of your system. Choose English and proceed.


9. Enter the login credential for the webserver as below and click on OK.


10. Use the login credentials just entered in above screen and proceed as below:


11. This will bring up the console. Here you can see that you have already got webserver working on your machine. Clicks configure to set up webserver to use PHP.


12. After clicking on console you will see below screen. Click on Scripting Parameter button. Refer below:


13. After clicking on Scripting parameter you will see below screen. Click on the Add button in Interpreters section.


14. After clicking on Interpreters’ Add button browse to the php folder on your machine and select php-cgi.exe.


15. After selecting php-cgi.exe file you will see below screen.
• Select FastCGI(Local – Pipes) under the Interface.
• Click on Add button under Associated Extensions


16 Enter php in the text box and click OK. Refer below:


17. Click OK

18. After clicking OK you will see below screen. Click on Add button in “Custom Environment Variables”. Add Below values to the screen
• Value – 200
• Click OK
• Click OK


19. After Clicking on OK below screen should appear:
• Click on Index Files Button


20. Click on Add button.


21. Key in value “Index.php”. Refer below:
• Click OK


22. After clicking on OK you will come back to main screen.
• Click on Restart button coming on the screen.
• Please Note the port no used by Abyss Webserver on your machine. In case it is 80 as below:
Type localhost in your browser and you should be able to see default Abyss Webserver webpage. In case the port no is other than 80, you website web address needs to be localhost:[port no]. You can release the port 80 used by other software on you machine and then use the same for Abyss Webserver.



MySQL Installation


Step By Step MySql Installation


  1. Download the software from website “”as below: Click Download



  1. Click Download in below screen:



  1. Click on Download and then choose the option from below: For our purpose we have chosen the third option.



  1. Unzip the software file and click on msi file as below:



  1. Click on Run button as below:



  1. Clicking on Run will bring up below screen:


 Below screen will appear subsequently, Click on Install MYSQL Products:


Accept the License Terms and click Next:


Click Execute, refer below:


After clicking on Execute, wait for a minute and you will see below screen: Click Next and proceed.


Choose the option from below screen and click Next: Please note we have chosen Developer default for our purpose.


Subsequently you will be presented with below screen, Click Execute:


Wait for some time until the processing finishes.

Check the license terms and click Install.

Click on Finish and proceed


After clicking on Finish go back to main installation and click execute. Refer below:


Click Next


Click Execute in below screen: Wait until execution finishes


After Installation below screen appears. Click on Next and Proceed:


Click Next and Proceed:


Click Next and Proceed: Please note down the port number(Here it is 3306)


Enter password and click next: Please remember password


Click Next: Please Note down Windows Service Name


Clicking Next will bring the below screen: Please wait until MySql gets configured.


Click Next to proceed.


Click Next


Click Finish


That’s it we are done with MySql installation.


3 done one more to go.

Joomla Installation


  1. Download the software from website and unzip the same in folder at location “C:\Abyss Web Server\htdocs”. Refer below:


Open your web browser and enter address “http://localhost/installation/index.php” Refer Below:


Select Language of your choice and proceed. This installation uses English(United States) option:

On clicking next system will do pre-installation check as below: Please Note all should be in green state. In case it is not please check the previous installations again.


Click Next and Proceed:


Enter the database details as below and Click Next and Proceed: In case the database is not reachable please check the Host Name (with port number), Username, password. Refer below:


Please Note: Enter Database name of your preference.

Please wait as system takes some time to configure database:


On windows FP configuration is not needed. Click Next and proceed:


Fill in all the details in below page and click next:


Please Note:

  •  You can put any name as your site name
  • Do remember the username and password as the same would be needed to login to admin the website.
  • Install Sample Data.

 After installing sample data you will see below screen: Click Next and proceed


Here you come to the Last page:


Please remove the installation folder located as below:



Click on Site button to see the sample site that has been installed on the machine.

Click on administrator button to got content management page of website and make changes.

On clicking Site you will see as below:


On clicking Administrator your will see as below:


Log in with the User Name and Password your have created.

Congratulation!! You have set up your Joomla site successfully.