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Implementing open source BI solutions

In current situation all the organization are moving from traditional business management processed to more informed, data based decision making system. This has helped several organizations to optimize their product, solutions or services and cut out unnecessary fat from expenses. A rupee saved is a rupee earned!!

Detailed OSIntegration Overview 

Read the detailed usage of the Open Source Software and how we have integrated to build up what you all see as OSIntegration.

To ease reading the technical section has been devided into backend and frontend section.


Talend tSendmail tutorial

The Below tutorial on tSendmail expalins how to send a mail with attachments from talend ETL job. The tutorial further explains the concept of using a job level context variable usage for creating a file attachment variable.

Refer below for step by step implementation of file attachment:



Configuring the general mail option:


Set the mailing list and mail features as below for fields:

To, From, Sendername, Cc, Bcc, Subject and Message.

Please Note: Attachments is explained at the end.


Configure the mail host as per the mail host services used.

SMTP Host and Port

Use SSL Support and STARTTLS Support as per the service provider configuration. 


Getting attachment to Talend tSendmail using a context variable as below:

Create Context variable:








Click Next


Enter the Name in below screen and click on Value as Tree tab:


Click on tSendmail_example

Enter the file path to the value. Please note for windows users the backslash “/” needs to be used.


Click Finish.

Import the context variable to the job:

Click on context sign as below:


Select the newly created variable and click ok


Click ok.


Include the context file in the tSendmail component in attachment as below:

Click on + sign as below.



Select the file name and press ctrl+space and the below screen appears:



Double click on the added context variable i.e. context.tSendmail_example.


By Using the above variable you can attach the file referred by the context variable to the sent mail.

Integrating Jasper Report in Talend Open Studio(tJasperOutput)

Use the tJasperOutput component to run a Jasper Report from Talend Open Studio.  This component allows a report to be produced after a data flow is executed.