OSI Technical  

Do you want to build a website from home PC? Do you have zeal to learn DWH technology and want to know how you can learn it using powerful open source tools.

If the answer is yes for any of the questions we have put up above, this is the place which will help you. The section below introduces what we have in our store for you.


There are many people who want to launch a small website from their home PC or cloud server to express their thoughts or run a business. 


If you are in the same search then website has in offer.


Open source integration has been developed to realize the power of open source software.


Here we have used open source software to build up below functionalities:

  • Website – From home computer
  • Data Warehouse – a data warehouse has been build up using the open source ETL tool and reporting.


The website offers following functionalities:

  • Building up a website and launching the same from your home computer.
  • Integrate it with analytical data using data warehousing principles.


Open Source Platform website brings you:               

  • Step by step launch of website from your Home computer - Joomla Installation
  • Step by step installation of ETL tool - ETL Installation
  • Step by step installation of BI reporting tool - Reporting Installation
  • Introduction to Open Source technological integration to make a data intensive website.
  • Forum to discuss the issues and share the experience.