Welcome to OpenSource Integration

Open source integration has been developed to realize the power of open source software. Website presents the contents in three separate section for technology, financials and articulate thinking with blogs and forums.

OSI Technical

Do you want to build a website from home PC? Do you have zeal to learn DWH technology and want to know how you can learn it using powerful open source tools.

If the answer is yes for any of the questions we have put up above, this is the place which will help you. The section below introduces what we have in our store for you.

There are many people who want to launch a small website from their home PC or cloud server to express their thoughts or run a business. 


If you are in the same search then you are at the correct place.


OSI Financials

Website uses the demo of Indian share market’s major exchanges NSE and BSE data to provide analytical reports based on share market daily trading. For Interested readers we have put up our entire portfolio of tools and stratergy on this website at our technical section.


Our Demonstration section to display below reports from Indian Stock Exchanges:


  • Aggregated reports for 365 days of all the companies listed at NSE and BSE.
  • Last 30 days trends for each company listed at NSE and BSE.
  • The csv files for 30 days EOD bhav copy.
  • Our aggregated reports for the last one year can be downloded from OSI Download section.
  • Much more to come.....................

OSI Blogs

The previous two topics deals with technology and finance and has a defined scope for our website. However the articulate thinking and freedom of expression is person and feeling dependent. This section has a vast scope and the variety of constructive thoughts and opinions can nurture this section.

At OSI we do not only believe in integrating the technology to achieve an end but to realize the integrating thoughts and feelings that makes the integration of other aspects possible. We call this section as Open Soul Integration.

Please share your thoughts, experience feedbacks with us using our blog section OSI Blogs.

We look forward for your feedback.